The Salt Secret

Beneficial Minerals ... the secret ingredients in Nana May's Salts

One of the salts used in our Magic Hand Scrub and Magic Face Scrub is extracted from the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea attracts tourists from all over the world because of its reputed therapeutic effects. 
The Dead Sea salt differs from normal ocean salt as it only contains 12-18% sodium chloride, whereas ocean salt contains 97%.  The rest of the Dead Sea salt is made up of minerals that are beneficial to our bodies.

The Dead Sea salt that is used in retail products is obtained from the mineral rich mud of the Dead Sea. It is the very high mineral content that gives the salt its therapeutic effects.

Various cultures and groups of people have visited the Dead Sea for therapy, dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Dead Sea salt has been reported to have the following benefits:

  • Relief of skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
  • Help with skin ageing has also been claimed with tests showing a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling 

Relieve Symptoms of Psoriasis, Eczema & Acne 

Dead Sea salt is a safe, natural alternative for treating a range of common skin conditions. According to published studies, around 80%-90% of psoriasis patients who visit the Dead Sea for treatment, experience significant relief of their symptoms and improvement in their skin.

High Mineral Content For Bathing Only

Dead Sea Salt is for Bath/Spa use only and is NOT a food-grade salt suitable for consumption.
From the pristine valleys of Kashmir comes the most pure salt on earth. Alexander the Great first discovered this crystal salt and because it was so pure it was used as local currency – nature's "white gold".

The salt is still hand-mined, hand-picked and stone ground. It takes time, but with the crystals intact, you are assured of the most beneficial, mineral-rich salt available.

Pink Himalayan Salt has exceptional detoxification properties and simultaneously infuses the skin and body with much needed minerals and hydration.