Nana's Skin Routine


Use the Magic Facial Scrub (Gold Lid jar) for face, neck and décolletage, or on sensitive skin (children & elderly)

Use the Magic Facial Scrub to wake your skin up and give it a glowing start to the day (no moisturiser or foundation primer needed), you’re good to go! Cleanse, toned and moisturised all in one simple step.

  1. To cleanse, use Magic Make-up Remover to remove all traces of dirt, toxins and make-up (eyes, face & neck).
  2. Apply the Magic Luxurious Night Serum to eyes, face & neck, then off to bed…Magic!

Or Alternatively, use the Facial Scrub (as a cleanser/toner/moisturiser) – 3-in-1, you’re all done

How much Magic Facial Scrub to use
Always apply to dry skin, not wet. Dip the applicator into the jar and bring it up to tap against the inside of the rim so only a thin layer of salt and oil on the thin end of the applicator is used, otherwise you are using more than you need to.
The thin straight end of the applicator is equivalent to ONE FACIAL TREATMENT. Wipe the product onto two fingers and apply to face (scrub for up to 60 seconds if wanting to exfoliate, or if using as a cleanser that day, apply gently), then rinse and pat dry.

Use the Magic Body Scrub (Black Lid Jar) anywhere from neck to toe (JUST NOT NEAR YOUR BITS, the minty oils can be a bit fresh!)

Hands – use Magic Body Scrub on hands for soft, hydrated hands all day. Once a day is great, but definitely go for it after doing the dishes, gardening, housework, or having your hands in water a lot.

Body – use Magic Body Scrub on body (arms, legs, torso) as often as desired, rinse off in shower. Great for the lymphatic system...Go the detox.

Feet –give those crusty heels (even elbows) the boot by regularly giving them a good scrub, and soak off in the bath or a bucket. It’s a great activity to do when a girlfriend comes for a cuppa…the soak is so relaxing. Alternatively, just do a 60 second scrub before showering, but do be careful of slipping. Fast or slow, that’s up to you, but most of all...Enjoy!

How much Magic Body Scrub to use
Always apply to dry skin, not wet. Dip the applicator into the jar and bring it up to tap against the inside of the rim so only a thin layer of salt and oil on the big round end of the applicator is used, otherwise you are using more than you need to.

The big round end of the applicator is equivalent to ONE HAND TREATMENT. You will probably double that for feet, and larger areas, such as legs and arms. Scrub for up to 60 seconds, rinse and pat dry. For example, the 380g jar holds approximately 400 hand treatments.

Scrubs can be used daily – it’s all about how firmly you scrub. For the face, we recommend a firm-ish scrub 1-2 times per week for great exfoliation, and on other days, apply gently like you would a normal cleanser or moisturiser and let the salt do the work to open pores and allow the oils to absorb. For the body, well that’s a completely personal choice.

Now lovelies, the secret here is that you are using the scrubs (even when not wanting to exfoliate) for a good reason. Here’s why...Because the Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts contain many minerals and trace elements. These vital ingredients help to bring your skin back to optimum health by not only depositing much needed minerals, but also drawing the moisture from the oils into the open pores and allowing all that delicious skin food to penetrate more deeply than if you were using a product on closed pores. That’s why the hydration lasts 24 hours, and your skin doesn’t dry out. Magic right!

What about the stick?
Always rinse your applicator (stick) after use, rather than putting it back in the jar after it has come into contact with your skin. Remember this is a natural product, and while it has it’s own antibacterial properties, it still needs to remain uncontaminated. If it does become contaminated it will just go off quicker than the normal 2 year shelf life and it will smell a bit rancid, like vinegar or wine. Not good, and wasted money for you, so do care for your product to make it last.

Ah, the lid...
You may not have noticed this, but the label does say “keep upright, as oils may leak”. Take notice… please don’t travel with your scrubs, unless you can’t live without them, in which case you will need to put them in a ziplock plastic bag and keep upright in your handbag or where they will not fall over. The reason for this is that the jars are just like Nana’s good old food preserving jars. Once popped open they never seal the same way again, and are likely to leak if tipped over, and that stuff through your bag is not pretty, although it does smell great (ha ha).

Unfortunately, we have not found a solution to this…and we certainly have endlessly quizzed the packaging experts to find a better jar/lid combo so you can all travel safely with it. We will keep you posted if by some miracle we find a better way. Until then, enjoy your scrubs, knowing that because they are so potent they must be kept in glass, not plastic. Essential oils (particularly citrus oils) can eat into plastic and draw toxins out…depositing it right into your product. At Nana May’s we never take chances with our skin, or anyone else’s!

This also means that you are not paying for expensive packaging and marketing like some other skincare products. We believe the GOLD is in the jar rather than in the hype! You can even re-use our jars (please do, if you can). Just give a wash out with hot water and detergent.

Storage – care for your scrub for maximum shelf life
We generally keep ours out on the bench in the kitchen or bathroom, otherwise it’s easy to forget you have them, and they are added to the collection under the sink. The trick here is, put it out where you will use it. If not in direct sunlight it will last up to 2 years, but anyone using Nana May’s regularly (as explained above) would go through even the largest jars in a year or less.
Put it this won’t work if it’s in the cupboard, and you’re going to miss out on all the benefits of having skin that looks and feels fantastic if you don’t actually use the amazing products you purchased.