2 Week Challenge

Take 2 Weeks to use Nana May's Magic Facial Scrub exclusively and see the results for yourself!

Use your Magic Facial Scrub every day to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate and let nature nurture your skin. 3-in-1 - you’re all done.

Here’s how you do it.

  • Put all your other skin care products away (Yes ALL of them!)
  • For two weeks only use Nana May’s Magic Facial Scrub on your face, neck, décolletage.
  • You can also use on hands, feet and body if you like. 

How much Magic Facial Scrub to use

  • Always apply to dry skin, not wet. Dip the applicator (small circle end) into the jar and bring it up to tap against the inside of the rim so only a thin layer of salt and oil on the thin end of the applicator is used, otherwise you are using more than you need to.
  • The small end of the applicator is equivalent to ONE FACIAL TREATMENT.
  • Wipe the product onto fingers and apply to face.
  • Always use the applicator as you can contaminate this all natural product if you use your fingers.


  • For cleansing - just pat on to your dry (not wet) face and neck and let the salt do the work of drawing the nourishing oil blend into your skin.
  • Give it about 30 seconds to work it’s magic and then either rinse off with warm water in the shower or with a warm face washer and then pat dry. You will be surprised at how clean, fresh and hydrated your skin will feel.
  • Just be careful you don’t get the salt in your eyes.


  • Same instructions as above, but apply a slightly firmer rubbing action for up to 60 seconds then rinse and pat dry. Pay particular attention to the areas around your nose, chin and side of face where dead skin cells and clogged pores are more prevalent.
  • If you want to use on the rest of your body, hands or feet, you will need a little more. Use the big round end of your applicator, but again remember, just a little bit goes a long way. 

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