Want better skin in 2 weeks?

If you have NEVER tried our product before, or even if you have tried it, loved it and for some reason it got lost in skincare product heaven (the bathroom cupboard), then we have a challenge for you!

  1. ​Take advantage of our fabulous trial offer and get yourself some; or retrieve your existing jar of Magic Facial Scrub out of the cupboard (I have it on good authority that it does not work if you keep it in there). PS: check the expiry date - it only has a 2 year shelf life as it is an all natural product.
  2. Stop using all your other skincare products for 2 weeks & only use Nana May's. For instructions click here. You will be surprised how easy it is. 3-in-1, you're all done! No more time consuming, money gobbling cleanser, toner and moisturiser. This all natural product does it all.
  3. Check the results. Better skin in 2 weeks? You betcha!​