Save time, money and the planet!

Did you know that you can save time, money and the planet just by using Nana May’s Magic 3-in-1 Natural Skincare?

Our range of all-natural skincare products can be used daily in less time than it takes to brush your teeth, no kidding! No more of the laborious, cleanse, tone and moisturise routine (not to mention face scrubs, face masks, eye creams and anti-ageing treatments) this product does it all in one in less than 60 seconds leaving you exfoliated, cleansed and hydrated all day – no need for extra moisture as it works from below the skin surface!

Now, let’s talk money! Imagine how much money you would save each year if you ditched all your current products? If, for example, you were to compare the total cost of your average supermarket cleanser ($20.00), toner ($18.00) and moisturiser ($30.00) which lasts about 2 months if used daily, that’s about $34.00 per month or 57c per day. If you are using a more expensive brand, then you can be paying up to $2 per day and you may just be using an expensive chemical soup in fancy packaging that does nothing but dry out your skin, so you use more product! This is called marketing, folks!

If you buy a full year’s supply of Nana May’s entire range (Ultimate Care Pack – on sale now for $166.00) your costs come down to as little as $13.80 per month and you know you are feeding your skin with a product that is all-natural, free of synthetic chemicals or additives, is cruelty free, Australian made and a therapeutic formula designed to heal, hydrate and bring skin back to glowing good health! Just makes cents, right?

OK, so here’s how using Nana May’s can save the planet. We use glass jars, yes, we know they can be heavy and hard to handle (hence the invention of the Scrubby Holders), but we use them for a few good reasons.

  1. We believe that it is the product, not the packaging that needs to be top quality. “The gold is IN the jar, not ON the jar,” is our motto. Pretty, extravagant packaging only means the consumer pays more.
  2. We know that pure therapeutic essential oils (especially at the concentration that we use in our products) can leach toxins out of plastic, so it must be glass to keep the products pure.
  3. Glass containers are totally recyclable and reusable. Once you have finished your scrubs, oils or sprays, you can use them again for a whole bunch of things.